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Error messages in Python preceded with a Typeerror indicate that there is a mix-up of types. And when it comes to the error message Builtinfunctionormethod' object is not subscriptable, the error appears when you either call a built-in function or me...
posted 59 minutes ago beekip 680 points
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'Adam' from 'keras.optimizers' cannot be imported due to an import error. When keras import is used instead of tensorflow.keras imports, an error results. Since one of the most used high-level deep learning libraries is Keras, you see. An encapsulate...
posted 1 day ago sumitthakur11 220 points
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The exception or error message TypeError: unsupported operand types for +: 'int' and 'str' appears because an integer and a string operands are operated by the + or addition operator. The operands are the objects of type int and str. This error is us...
posted 6 days ago Ferdy 600 points
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It is most likely that you encounter the problem Attributeerror: 'nonetype' object has no attribute 'shape' during coding. The error is a result of a function that should return the shape of an image returning None and hence resulting in the program...
posted Nov 20 beekip 680 points
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The exception or error message TypeError: 'nonetype' object is not iterable pops up because of an object with NoneType has been iterated. We can iterate on objects like list, tuplehttps://docs.pyth...
posted Nov 16 Ferdy 600 points
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We might face Uncaught error: bootstrap's javascript requires jquery  error while using the Bootstrap framework which tells us that the jQuery library is not loaded correctly, and the reason could be the inappropriate or...
posted Nov 15 Shaker 240 points
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In this article, we will discuss why the Failed to open stream: http request failed! error returns and what are the solutions to debug it. This error returns when you use filegetcontents  function to read a file into a string, and we will explore w...
posted Nov 13 Shaker 240 points
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The exception or error message IndexError: list index out of range appears because of an invalid index number used in a list operation. A list is an object that stores data in sequence. This sequen...
posted Nov 10 Ferdy 600 points
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The ValueError: could not convert string to float: ... exception or error message appears "when an operation or function receives an argument that has the right type but an inappropriate value, ... " Python-Dev. n.d.-e
posted Nov 7 Ferdy 600 points
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ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code in C stands out as a common error message for C programmers. The mistake is prompted as a violation of the C89 standard or below but will still appear no matter the standard. Thankfully, you manage the erro...
posted Nov 3 beekip 680 points
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Have you encountered Importerror numpy core multiarray failed to import in your code? The error occur when importing numpy library in python. The modules that bring it up include PyTorch, matplotlib, cv2 and Pyinstaller. Let’s get to know how to fix ...
posted Nov 3 beekip 680 points
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HTML, otherwise called Hypertext Markup Language, is a crucial code majorly used to structure web pages. It's important in other functionalities as well such as developing games using , navigating the web as it enables shorter URLs, and enabling offl...
posted Nov 1 beekip 680 points
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Random numbers often used through the inbuilt rand function present in c++ STL, is resourceful in performing computing tasks like cryptography, and generating test cases, among many more. You may want to utilize the function and face hurdles hence yo...
posted Nov 1 beekip 680 points
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Solving complex math problems and creating arrays is always simpler with the help of Python's numpy package. From time to time, however, you meet a simple error that stands as a major stumbling block in your development taking up huge effort and time...
posted Oct 30 beekip 680 points
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Beatifulsoup4, otherwise called bs4, module is at the backbone for HTML and XML web scrapping tasks in python. During use, Modulenotfounderror: no module named 'bs4' is a common issue. There are ways to solve it. One is through installing the module...
posted Oct 30 beekip 680 points
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A TypeError is an exception or error caused by an inappropriate operation on an object. This object can be a list, dicthttps://docs.python....
posted Oct 30 Ferdy 600 points
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We will know in this article how to add a foreign key in PHPMyAdmin, to relate tables to each other. By using those relations, we can run very useful queries. We can add a foreign key by using the PHPMyAdmin  user interface, or by running a MySQL que...
posted Oct 27 Shaker 240 points
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While using SQL, you will come to situations you will need to know how to find column name. Maybe you have created a table but you forgot the exact column names or you need to know if there is a column with a particular name in a table. We need first...
posted Oct 24 Shaker 240 points
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posted Oct 23 CherryPick 120 points
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As the title itself suggest that in this article we will be discovering ways To position an image at the top right corner of the div. 'HTML' and 'CSS' o solve this issue first you really need to have a static background of both frameworks as well a...
posted Oct 22 Bushra Rubab 680 points